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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
Update - Unless you were also in my 5-Case BC break, your cards have been sent out this morning! If you were in that break, cards should be shipped Monday (takes a long time to sort and package).

Shipping costs this month were higher than anticipated, with the average cost being over $5 PP, so we'll have to readjust that this month.

We are still looking for our 15th and final member for next month, so if you know anyone that may have an interest, have them post.

As of right now, we still need product input for November. The first suggestion was 2011 BDPP, someone else suggested 2012 BDPP and 2009 Unique. I am voting for 2012 BDPP alone (price per member would be around $58), but if you want to add another product(s) in the $300 total cost range, I'll approve almost anything.

PS - If we do 2012 BDPP, there are no USA cards, since Topps lost the rights to produce them.

Don't forget to post ASAP once you receive your cards!
Man, thanks for shipping so quick!

2012 BDPP would be fine by me!
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