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Originally Posted by SPauthentic84 View Post
Would really like to hear some ideas of what "memories" to use
NCAA tournament theme would be classic.
So many more to pick from....Butler, G Mason, etc but here a few that come to mind.

Christian Laettner beats duke in tournament on buzzer beater.
Bo Kimble shoots left-handed for Hank
Scottie Reynolds beats pitt to get Nova to final four
Chris Weber Timeout
Chalmers 3 over Memphis
Nova beats GTown in finals
Magic vs Bird begins on 3/26/1979 NCAA finals Dual auto

If they made these cards I would be on board...I love the tournament. It would make complete sense with the college uniforms and I think there would be a huge market for a tournament based set. I do not want a Magic or Larry Bird autograph card in a college uniform but I would if the card represented something historic like that championship game.

Would anyone want to pull just a plan Laettner auto? No, but a canvas auto representing that play would ge great. I think people would enjoy looking at that card and remembering that play.

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