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Originally Posted by Kingbudd View Post
You can't blame Upper Deck for pricing. Retro originally cost $120-150 per box during pre-sales. It was the everyone else that marked up the cost. Same is happening for Exquisite. My LCS only paid $320-350 per box.
I agree that you can't blame UD for pricing. But the Exquisite pricing is wrong. Dealers who order direct from UD paid the following:

2011-12 Exquisite: $1290 per 3 box case or $430/box. Should have a retail price of around $550-600/box, $1700-$1800/case.

2011-12 Retro: $149/box. Should have had a retail price of $200/box.

2010-11 All time Greats: $205/box. Should have been around $275 a box retail.

They put out some really nice products in ATG and Retro and the consumer determined the pricing on those 2 with the high demand. Exquisite was overpriced by the online retailer at $3000/case which made many LCSs believe that it was hot like Retro was.

Sorry to jack your thread, but people's false assumptions about the price of UD products needs to be addressed.

to be on topic, I do like the Canvas ideas for college memorable moments. I doubt UD will listen, but its worth a shot. Good luck!
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