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Originally Posted by CubsFanInTX View Post
If everyone wants to do 2012 BDPP then I wll be fine. I don't do much on the prospect side so if we could add a few boxes or cheap case of the something else that would be great.

As for the 15th member, Clippins posted before you uploaded the images about joining so he should have first crack at it.
I already contacted him and he is unable to join after-all.

Originally Posted by achantl View Post
I would love a case of 2012 BDPP. Then if we were going to add boxes to it, I like the suggestion of 2012 Topps Chrome being added.

Also, are the golden giveaway codes being mailed if we haven't received a PM about them yet?
No, I just haven't PM'd them yet, sorry. Working to get the 5 cases for other break sorted first. Should PM by Sunday afternoon - hope that's ok. I also have to PM the codes for the Presidential Predictors - that will happen at the same time as the GG codes.

Originally Posted by fduran27 View Post
NHS - I was going to ask you not to ship my base but its too late
Also i am in for whatever the board wants, but like others have said, something for everyone would be ideal.

What about a 1989 Topps Box
I'd go with 89(I think) Fleer to get the "Fvck Face" Billy Ripken!

In all seriousness, it sounds like the general concensus is BDPP and something else. I personally like the Topps Chrome idea, so let's go with that. I'm thinking 1 case of BDPP, and 3 boxes of Topps chrome. Total cost should be around $74 per member.

Once all of you have received your cards, I'll post the new break in the testing waters section.
PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!
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