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Originally Posted by mschub View Post
Ran some numbers out of curiosity (and because I'm extremely bored):

Total Blowout price for all products combined: $18,855
Expected value of one random entry: $188.55
Number of prizes priced under $100: 37
Number of prizes priced over $150: 32
Number of prizes priced over $300: 10
Number of prizes priced over $1000: 4 (2009 Sig Stars [Baseball], 2011 BDPP, 2011 Bowman Chrome [Baseball], Blowout gift card)
Number of prizes by sport:
Baseball: 30
Basketball: 19
Football: 27
Golf: 4
Hockey: 12
Multisport: 3
MMA: 4
Other: 1 (the Blowout gift card)

I didn't realize the value was actually that great in this promo. Blowout must just be doing this just to clear inventory. You've convinced to snag another spot (law of averages ya know ) Thanks for doing the work!
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