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Default Clone #1 Grading Order

If you'd like to get in on this order, the regular cover book and grading will be $55 each
Release Date: 11/14

From ROBERT KIRKMAN's Skybound imprint, comes a sci-fi story like you've never seen before! Dr. Luke Taylor's perfect life comes to a dramatic halt when an identical, bloodied version of himself arrives at his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones... and they're all after his pregnant wife and their unborn child!

Note: In Walking Dead #103, there was a four page color preview of the upcoming Clone series from Image Comics. Might want to make sure you have a couple copies of WD #103 in case this book hits hard!

Walking Dead’s Charlie Adlard Does VARIANT Cover For Clone #1
- I'm working on getting pricing for the Variant Grading, will post as soon as I know what it'll cost.

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