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Originally Posted by JusRelax View Post
You have a valid point; I think the reason for this is because the numbering is so close together... they probably should have broken down the numbering similar to how they do it for bowman chrome baseball. Keeping a similar amount of #'d cards, I think this would have worked better:

300 Bronze
75 Gold
25 Blue
10 Green
5 Red
1 Platinum

416 Total #'d per card

for contrast, here is their current breakdown:

150 Bronze
99 Gold
75 Blue
55 Green
30 Red
1 Platinum

410 Total #'d per card

The case hit breakdown seems to be pretty good:

35 Relic
15 Patch
5 Rivet Patch

I like how they give added value to each tier for the case hit; that should help the higher tier case hits to maintain a much higher value than the base normal relic case hits.

I don't think they need to have any 1/1's for the case hit, since they have numerous other 1/1's (i.e. - book cards, platinum parallel patch autos, etc.)
Definitely, I like your breakdown. Hitting a blue out of 25, with a couple high tiers above it, would feel a bit more exciting than hitting a red out of 30...with nothing higher tiered except for the 1/1. At least for me.

As for the case hits you have a 4 in 11 chance your case will contain a /15 or a /5. I can appreciate those odds. 1 in 11 for a rivet patch...which really could be much worse.

A small chance for a case with a rivet patch and a 1/1 "non case hit"? Sounds cool.
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