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Default LTB, LTTF Allen Ginter relics 2006-2012

I was working on the 2006-2009 A&G relics back when the '09 came out and decided to jump into the 2010-2012 relics a couple months back. Most of my needs are from 2010-2011 but I've included the cards I'm missing from my other years as well.

My current cards available for trade are here:


2006: (51/52)
George Bush

2007: (61/63)
Arthur Shorin
Mickey Mantle

2008: (114/114)
*** COMPLETE ***
- unless someone were to have a gold-signed Marcus Henderson...

2009: (113/113)
*** COMPLETE ***

2010: (99/103)
Neftali Feliz
Randy Oitker
Tony Hoard/Rory
Tom Knapp (Red)

2011: (232/247)
Adam Dunn Jersey
Alcides Escobar Bat
A.J. Pierzynski
Albert Pujols Jersey
Casey McGehee Bat
Grady Sizemore Bat (INCOMING)
Hope Solo
John McEnroe
Matt Guy (Blue)
Mark Reynolds Bat
Maxim Shmyrev (Rubber - BLACK)
Nick Markakis Bat
Peter Gammons (Yellow)
Paul Konerko Jersey (White)
Prince Fielder Jersey (Blue) (INCOMING)
Ron Turcotte
Stephen Drew Bat

2012: (175/177)
Ichiro Suzuki Teal jersey (INCOMING)
John McEnroe White shirt
Lou Gehrig
Mike Leake (Exist?)
Mike Schmidt (Exist?)

Leonys Martin Supercollector * 80/101 * 79.2%
Ginter Relic Supercollector * 838/863 * 97.1%

*** Bring me more! ***

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