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OK, I just do not get this new shipping charge and how it relates to making a 50% offer. Perfect example- was on the old site and saw a card selling by BigRed- 2004 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks #11 Darryl Strawberry. He has it listed for.60. Jump to the new site- same card listed for .85 cents. I get it, that has the .25 cent shipping built in. So I make an offer at .45 cents which is a little more than 50%, he has 50% auto accept enable and it comes back that I must make a minimum offer of .55 cents. Which if my math is correct the new price with the shipping built in plus another 25 cents. Someone please explain this to me.


BTW- I just jumped back to the old site put in the 45 cent offer and it accepted it there.
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