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Originally Posted by jimssouvenirs View Post
Alright, get it straight boys

Bud Light is water
Natty Ice is piss water
Natty Light is piss water

PBR - only drink it from a can - much better than Bud Light (THIS IS NOT A BEER YOU BUY FOR PLEASURE, BUT A BEER YOU BUY FROM NECESSITY)
In the summer on the beach - Bud Light Lime

Next Tier:

Mickey Ultra
Blue Moon

Top Tier:
Sam Adams
IPAs / Local Brews
Nailed it. My friend owns a small born and they have like 80 different beers or something ridiculous. She also has a lot of beer tasting parties at her house. I always try whatever is offered but honestly I don't like a lot of it. They just got the Rogue Voodoo Donut Maple Bacon in last weekend and they cracked a bottle to try. It was pretty good and different. It smells like breakfast. But at $30 something a bottle I'll stick with PBR (which they don't even sell there. No cheap beer for that matter. Not even a Moosehead or Labatt)
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