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Since I am sure you are all dying for an update:

Husband: Had a great time in Michigan with his dad even though the Spartans lost in OT and the Eagles lost the next day. He atleast beat me in FF so that made him a little happier.

Aiden: Got to see a firetruck and go on a mommy/Aiden date this morning. We went to a craft show together. Don't judge. He is 3.

Logan: Loved his mommy/Logan date on Tuesday. We got to pet a turtle and a hissing cockroach. He didn't know what to make of the cockroach so it was very commical. We went out to lunch at a local resturant called Isaacs with my mom.

Sadie: She took up way too much of the bed and insisted on snuggling.

Me: I didn't get to watch as much football as planned because my mother-in-law needed some assistance with a few things.
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