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Originally Posted by JosieDively View Post
It is great to see the kids excited!

It is amazing how we are falling behind so many other countries in education yet our kids are learning at a faster rate than we did.
They're definitely teaching our children more than they did with us back in the day, or at least that's what I remember. But we're still behind compared to other countries? That's crazy!!

Funny we were watching those videos, and the kids said, we already know all this.... lol but they were excited to watch them anyway. They said it's an easy way to learn, and I agree. Sometimes it's great to have a visual as well as learning in school. That's why i'm always showing them the history channel, discovery, and all that good stuff. I even show them these videos that are made by this company called "The Teaching Company," AMAZING videos!!! They cost an arm and a leg, but you can get them on ebay for pennies on the dollar.

Hey, it's never too late for me to learn something new. We live, we learn...
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