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Default Go to NY Giants game or go to work?

hmmm rough choice here

Buddy just offered me a free ticket, and hes gonna pick me up since hes out on LI and has to pass thru BK anyway (more or less).

Heres the dilemma, last time he offered me a free ticket(preseason)
his brother in law reclaimed it at the last minute....
(tickets belong to his brother in law to begin with)

So while Im all set to go pick up sandwiches, beer, pay for gas, toll , parking etc...
I have this nagging fear that I will run around all morning ,
not go to work, get pooched at last second, and wind up at home with way too much alcohol.
(which could result in me trying to rickroll people all day)

So I ask you,

take the chance
or just go to work ?
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