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Default Classic Box Breaks - 89-90 Topps, Sakic RC

I went to another one of my LCS in the area to check out a sale they were having and pick up some supplies. After just breaking a box of Prime last night I was in the mood for something a little different... and cheaper. I decided to get 1 box of 89-90 Topps. I have never busted one. I was out of collecting by then and was not into hockey then. I got into hockey just a couple years later so many of the faces and names I remember. I was able to put together a complete set (198) and only came up 5 stickers short of that set. The design of these cards is pretty good, much better than the baseball from that time period, IMO.

Fun with Gum

These are all extras. They are going in the book with the set. OPINIONS: Does the Sakic look gradable?

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