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Thats a sweet card. I know you are protected with insurance but like you said it takes forever and you get the post office runaround. Just a thought but that big insurance sticker they put on the package is a dead give away that there is something valuable in the package. Why else would it be insured? Try using Fedex on highend deals. Yes you will pay out the wazoo but you may get more personal treatment when it comes to a customer service issue. At the post office they cant you out the door fast enough. They just do not care. Some postal worker stole a package from a member on here before. The cards were seriel numbered so the seller and buyer knew the numbers. The package dissapeared and the cards were for sale on Ebay a week later by someone who it turns out works at the post office the cards went thru. A background check revealed the guy had already been criminally convicted of stealing another very,very expensive package with an antique gun in it I believe. Are you ready for the kicker? The guy still works at the post office. Can you imagine.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"

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