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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
Gee when I moved and filed a change of address with the PO I got my mail forwarded for a year to the new address
Yep! All my mail has been forwarded to my new house, so I'm not exactly sure why it was a problem!

Originally Posted by notjomommasclin View Post
So you give him two addresses, 2 pay pals, the dc shows delivered, and you expect him to accommodate you? Those are three massive red flags and shady as all get out to me.

At my post office the package would read out for delivery, awaiting pickup, returned to sender. The package would show up as undeliverable.

I'm just going to flat out call bs on your story and assume that you brought his up to head off any future issues and play the victim card!
With all due respect, sir, you can believe whatever you want to believe. I'm not trying to be a salesman here and get you to believe me...I just wanted everybody to know the situation in hopes to best assist us in our problem.

However, I think you should remember that if he had sent it within a week (a very generous amount of time), it would have arrived perfectly, and he would have never even had to know about my move! Unfortunately, he didn' this whole debacle started...

Originally Posted by mstng99tim View Post
I know exactly who you are talking about and he has told me the story of what happened. You aren't telling the whole story here and you know it. I've known this person for years now and he's never had any issues...until now with you. I know for a fact he wouldn't screw you over, that's not the type of person he is.
I agree that he wouldn't try to screw me over, but here's all I know:

I don't have the card
He sent it properly
USPS won't do anything about it

Who's to blame? How do we come to a compromise?
Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
This^^ I am 100% sure there is more to the story as it seems with all of your issues
Had he sent it within the generously granted week, I could have prevented this entire thread entirely. If you or him wants to go an talk about "your side" of the story, go right ahead.

I payed instantly and quickly, which is a buyer's only responsibility. A seller's responsibility is to get it to the buyer...I still don't have it though
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