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Username - ManInTheMirror
pc team - I don't collect any one team- but I am rather fond of a few.
itrader rating & percentage - 670 with 100% positive
BO member since - September 2010
Have you ever sold a card out of your pc? (yes or no) - yes, it happens
Have you ever given a card away? (yes or no) - yes
Have you ever joined a group break? (yes or no) - once
How long have you collected for? - since I joined here, but also back when I was a kid
Is there anything else you'd like to add to assist us in making our decision? - I salute Corbin and those whom mentioned me. It's very easy for us to keep this hobby going forward by constantly thinking of others and paying things forward. And thank you to Blowout for having us all.

I think there is some confusion on my (original) edit. I originally chose to not enter and I simply posted that up, but then later I decided what the heck I will enter it won't hurt to enter. Sorry for any confusion.

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