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PC team- Raiders
itrader rating & percentage - 123 99.2%
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Have you ever sold a card out of your pc? (yes or no) - yes didn't have a choice
Have you ever given a card away? (yes or no) - yes numerous some wish I didn't because what they are valued at now but they went in their PC so I'm happy
Have you ever joined a group break? (yes or no) - yes
How long have you collected for? - 19 years on and off
Is there anything else you'd like to add to assist us in making our decision? Thanx for doing this Corbin it helps make up for the stupidity and ignorance on the site I miss talking to u like we used to on that other site(don't want want say the name because I heard u can get suspended for saying it) Thanx again for doing this and send me a pm sometime so we can catch up on things bud
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