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Hi everyone,

This is the 27th annual GBSCC show, which is NOT related to the spring show. Tables are completely sold out. The auto guests are arranged by They do not have Bill Russel, that is the spring show promoter.

Lots of on line traders are attending. It is the premier show in NE and has been for a long time. If someone wants to put together a meet up, I am sure something could be arranged.

Please be sure to stop by bigpop's table. He is a great guy with some really nice stuff. Be sure to introduce yourself so that he knows which board you are from.

If anyone needs more info, here are the links:

2009 convention - I know it says 2009, but it is the 2012 file.

And, I will be there all weekend searching those quarter boxes and junk wax looking for set needs. Hopefully we will see a lot of you there as well.
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