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Originally Posted by wiltiger7 View Post
Looks like there will also be dual wardrobe cards as regular inserts according to post on Cryptozoics blog

Philly Non-Sport Card Show: Sunday | Cryptozoic Entertainment
Collectors can also look forward to a plethora of single and dual Wardrobe cards randomly inserted into the packs.
This looks like they will have single and dual memorabilia for this set as well after all. This should make building the master set interesting. I am sure they came up with the autograph/memorabilia combo AFTER they produced this set, so I believe this will be a feature of S3 release next year. I hope they give previews of these new wardrobe cards. I guess they still haven't received the last couple of autographs since they aren't announcing them. I can't see how Lauren Cohan could return the Vampire Diary cards and not TWD cards, so that brings into question did she sign for S2.
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