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Originally Posted by mschub View Post
New breakdown, reflecting mikeman7322's three changes:

Total Blowout price for all products combined: $18,320
Expected value of one random entry: $183.20
Number of prizes priced under $100: 37
Number of prizes priced between $100 and $150: 31
Number of prizes priced over $150: 32
Number of prizes priced over $300: 10
Number of prizes priced over $1000: 4 (2009 Sig Stars [Baseball], 2011 BDPP, 2011 Bowman Chrome [Baseball], Blowout gift card)
Number of prizes by sport:
Baseball: 30
Basketball: 18
Football: 28
Golf: 4
Hockey: 12
Multisport: 3
MMA: 4
Other: 1 (the Blowout gift card)
Thanks for doing this!

clearly the odds are still pretty good! 1 in 10 of at a minimum doubling your money is pretty good
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