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Originally Posted by SerialKilnWalkr View Post
Do you see how small the cut out for the badge piece is? Not nearly as large as Ricks from S1 that was on a normal sized card.

Look at the word SINCE on the swatch compared to the overall size of the badge pictured to the left right next to it, very small fraction. I could see 20-25 cuts being realistic.

Plus there is a patch on BOTH shoulders.
I would guess that this Triple card is limited to 50. Also, keep in mind that this card is twice the size of a standard trading card, so while the window looks small, it'll actually be much larger in person. Plus, we all know that the mock-up has the swatch size too small. "Since" barely fit into the window of the Rick badge. If you were going to make a card to match the Rick Badge (in design and swatch size), then 18 is your number.
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