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I am extremely happy with CZE. I think that there is integrity behind their products, in that, if they say it's part of Rick's shirt then you can take it to the bank that it is, indeed, a piece of Rick's shirt.

Those of you who have never dabbled in sports cards, take this for granted. And, for those of you who have experience in the sports side of things, you know that this "event" worn stuff is getting old. And now there's reports left and right of fraudulent sellers, when they get busted, telling everyone that the companies are knowingly buying stuff that is not game worn and presenting is as "Game Worn".

That's where my pessimism comes from. Years, upon years of inferior, expensive products has jaded me. So, forgive me and just know where I am coming from.

Let's take this discussion another direction.....

What do you think this redemption will sell for?

I'll go $600-$800.
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