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Default The "Who has what superfractor" master list.


If you don't say if its PC or not, it will be assumed non-PC.

Don't post pictures, and don't come on here asking to buy other superfractors. This is not the marketplace, keep it barebones

Since everyone goes crazy trying to find a certain superfractor, i thought i would have who owns what superfractor listed here.

Format: Year Product Name Player Name- member (PC) (If it is not PC, leave that part blank)

2011 Bowman Draft Trevor Bauer- Strasburg (PC)

Thanks and i hope this can be useful.

(Note: i dont own the bauer super, its just an example.)



2007 topps Chrome Brian Stokes auto super- revil41 (PC)
2009 Topps Chrome SuperFractors #236 Derek Holland AU- jrubbo23
2010 Bowman chrome draft Kellin Deglan- bwalter1
2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Robinson Chirinos Auto- dannyhultzenfan (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Alex Burnett autograph- mnvikingstwins (PC)
2010 Bowman Draft Cito Culver Auto Super- sethmurphy (PC)
2011 Bowman Tony Wolters-danboone2006 (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Chris Okey- Afton9444
2011 Topps Chrome USA Marcus Stroman superfractor- mdogg (PC)
2011 Bowman Draft Larry Greene Super 9.5/10-Boxbreaker
2011 Bowman Draft Blake Swihart Superfractor Auto-mikecancelliere
2011 Bowman Draft Autograph Keenyn Walker- soxrule111 (PC)
2011 Bowman Draft Brandon Martin Superfractor-gr8zn
2011 Topps finest Jason Heyward Auto Relic- legspolim
2011 Topps Finest Zach Britton Auto - Aaron (PC)
2011 Blake Swihart Bowman Chrome Draft Superfractor Auto- ageofreason13
2011 Bowman Chrome Gavin Cechinni Auto - RestoreTheRoar
2011 Bowman Chrome Starling Marte superfractor auto - weavere (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects dante bichette jr-vwbus1978 (PC)
2012 Bowman Platinum Superfractor Patch/Auto Mike Morse-HeyFitzy (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Superfractor Wily Peralta-jrodbrewcrew (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Tsuyoshi Wada Auto- Fundragon (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Josh Rutledge Super Auto-Carrbeaz (PC)
2012 Bowman Nick Maronde- Neahcrow (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Ronald Guzman Superfractor Auto-mikecancelliere
2012 Topps Chrome Jordan Pacheco Superfractor Auto-mikecancelliere
2012 Bowman Draft James Ramsey Auto Superfractor - 85GoCards (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Brett Lawrie Auto Patch Superfractor- zstratton2
2012 Bowman Bowman Chrome Superfractor Auto Danny Hultzen- dannyhultzenfan (PC)


Topps Chrome

2005 Topps Chrome Update SuperFractors #191 Franklin Morales-corockies (PC)
2006 Topps Chrome Matt Morris – Rudzud
2008 Topps Chrome Billy Butler- rotohester
2008 Topps Chrome All Rookie Team Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2008 Topps Chrome Trading Card History Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2009 Topps Chrome #162 Michael Young Superfractor- jtulliakat0628 (PC)
2009 Topps Chrome WBC Superfractor W29 Frederich Cepeda –XL5 (PC)
2009 Topps Chrome Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome T206 Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Andre Ethier - AlexArmijo2009 (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Kila Ka'aihue –dbroockerd (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Alex Burnett- mnvikingstwins (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Eric Young Jr Superfractor- peafour (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Chicle Chone Figgins Superfractor - Melonhead1991
2010 Topps Chrome Matt Cain Superfractor - kmnorton (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome 206 Neftali Feliz - iconms
2010 Topps Chrome 206 Jorge Posada - iconms
2010 Topps Chrome Adrian Gonzalez -Bostongeorge760 - (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Nelson Cruz – Hellwig
2010 Topps Chrome Carlos Gonzalez-cubs4life (PC)
2010 Topps Chrome Denard Span - TGutta (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome Andre Ethier - AlexArmijo2009 (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome Superfractors 69 Michael Young - basezloaded
2011 Topps Chrome Jake Peavy- Danderlion
2011 Topps Chrome Elvis Andrus- obenheimer (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome Michael Young- CLMCII (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome john buck wwechampion619
2011 Topps Chrome Mat Latos - Enginedown (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome Marcos Mateo - Junior Griffey (PC)
2011 Topps Chrome Rafael Furcal -My-coolectables
2012 Topps Chrome Brandon Beachy -Sold. Ask Tajikey for more details
2012 Topps Chrome Alex Liddi – Tajikey (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Chipper Jones-wfubob (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Evan Longoria-Ajax1723 (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Collin Cowgill Auto- danboone2006
2012 Topps Chrome Matt Garza- Johnandrew
2012 Topps Chrome Ricky Romero- raging_fetus
2012 Topps Chrome Superfractor Wily Peralta-Jrodbrewcrew (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome BJ Upton- csmtampa-(PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Drew Hutchison- mkal411
2012 Topps Chrome Hunter Pence - mkal411 (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Derek Holland-babyfaceposey's gir
2012 Topps Chrome Elvis Andrus- obenheimer- (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome R.A. Dickey - stang66dad (PC)\
2012 Topps Chrome Ryan Braun-leomaxpal (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Jhouyls Chacin Superfractor-bnk_yankee (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2012 Topps Chrome Elvis Andrus- obenheimer (PC)

Topps Finest

2005 Topps Finest Super Wade Boggs non auto (PC)
2007 Topps Finest Mark Teixeira-dalsubfan (PC)
2007 Topps Finest Alfonso Soriano - Junior Griffey (PC)
2011 Topps Finest #21 Andre Ethier - AlexArmijo2009 (PC)
2011 Topps Finest Evan Longoria - iconms (PC)
2011 Topps Finest Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2011 Topps Finest Dustin Ackley Superfractor-billbanning (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Paul Konerko Superfractor- Big (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Buster Posey Superfractor- Danny42yu (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Brad Peacock Superfractor RC –cobbcollector
2012 Topps Finest Ryan Braun - Hellwig (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2012 Topps finest Cliff Lee-Mikewilliamsfan (PC)
2012 Topps Finest Superfractors Carlos Gonzalez- cubs4life (PC)

Bowman Chrome/Bowman

2005 Bowman Chrome Rafael Furcal Superfractor- - maxe0213
2005 Bowman Chrome Ryan Speier-hotbox
2006 Bowman Chrome Mark Teixeira-dalsubfan (PC)
2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects SuperFractors #BC126 Corey Wimberly-corockies (PC)
2006 Bowman Chrome Prospects SuperFractors #BC158 Shane Lindsay-corockies (PC)
2006 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Barry Zito - Dilferules (PC)
2006 Bowman Chrome Rookie- Elvis Andrus- obenheimer (PC)
2006 Bowman Chrome Brian Roberts - speedmasterp (PC)
2007 Bowman Chrome Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2007 Bowman Chrome Melvin Mora - speedmasterp (PC)
2007 bowman chrome prospects Tommy hottovy- weegee
2007 Bowman David Haehnel - speedmasterp (PC)
2008 Bowman Chrome Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2008 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Andre Ethier BGS 9.5-alexmijo2009 (PC)
2008 Bowman Chrome Justin Upton - melan85
2008 Bowman chrome Felix Hernandez superfractor-king23dog
2008 Bowman Chrome Adam Jones - speedmasterp (PC)
2008 Bowman Chrome Orlando Hernandez - iconms
2008 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis- 20youksox (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Kevin Youkilis- 20youksox (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Mark Teixeira- dalsubfan (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Super Adrian Gonzalez BGS 9 -waulk11 (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Jeff Francoeur- dizzyduff13 (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Justin Duchscherer –alwayson22 (PC)
2009 bowman Chrome Michael bowden Rookie- soxrule111 (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Benjamin Carlson- Afton9444 (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Adam Jones - speedmasterp (PC)
2009 Bowman Chrome Yi-Feng Kuo Superfractor-tedwilliamsfan (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Robinson Chirinos-dannyhultzenfan (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Wilson Ramos RC - jfnats (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Taylor Sincliar- Soxrule111 friend (contact him if interest)
2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractors Carlos Gonzalez- cubs4life (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Cole McCurry - speedmasterp (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Matt Tucker - speedmasterp (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Chase D'Arnaud- rotohester
2010 Bowman Chrome Eric Young Jr Superfractor RC - peafour (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Adam Jones - speedmasterp (PC)
2010 Bowman chrome Patrick Schuster Superfractor- Houseofcards (PC)
2010 Bowman Chrome Jason Kipnis Super- miller45452003 (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Jake Marisnick - straw44
2011 Bowman Chrome David Ortiz Superfractor- thickpackz
2011 Bowman Chrome #53 Andre Ethier - AlexArmijo2009 (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome- Elvis Andrus- obenheimer (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Michael Spina Superfractor - ElonU
2011 Bowman Chrome Ryan Zimmerman - jfnats (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Todd Frazier Superfractor- mscoon1(PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Tony Wolters- danboone2006 (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Adam Jones - speedmasterp (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Brandon Snyder - speedmasterp (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Ryan Dempster - Junior Griffey (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Aramis Ramirez - Junior Griffey (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Evan Longoria - iconms (PC)
2011 bowman chrome mariekson gregorious super- cornerstone
2011 Bowman Chrome Alfonso Soriano - Junior Griffey (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Gordon Beckham-rotohester
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Matt Purke- Keyser Soze
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects dante bichette jr-vwbus1978 (PC)
2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Adam Lind - Ooosh
2012 Bowman Chrome Nathan Freiman- HawksBraves
2012 Bowman Chrome Andrelton Simmons Super- Whackspacks (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Tim Crabbe- dashcounter
2012 Bowman Chrome Matt Szczur superfractor- tiger221166 (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Alex Liddi Superfractor - Tajikey (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Andrew McCutchen Superfractor - HeyFitzy (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Forrest Snow Superfractor - Verufian (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Ichiro-tursillo2011
2012 Bowman Chrome Kyle Hendricks-kmnorton (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Gio Gonzalez-swingman (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Yeison Hernandez- nadeauman33 (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Luis Heredia –hanes1111 (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Ryan Braun - Hellwig (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Evan Longoria - Ajax1723 (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Manuel Hernandez - speedmasterp (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Adam Jones - speedmasterp (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Nick Delmonico - speedmasterp (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Marcos Camarena - murphy1313
2012 Bowman Chrome Wilsen Palacios - solohomerun_com
2012 Bowman Chrome Nick Maronde- neahcrow (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Josh Hamilton-Cork&Fuzz
2012 Bowman Chrome Adrian Gonzalez - Bostongeorge760 - (PC)
2012 Bowman Chrome Tom Milone Superfractor- scg3636
2012 Bowman Chrome #147 Michael Young- jtulliakat0628 (PC)

Bowman Draft

2010 bowman draft matt suschak- cornerstone
2010 Bowman Draft Eric Young Jr Superfractor- peafour (PC)
2010 Bowman Draft Trevor Plouffe- mnvikingstwins (PC)
2010 Bowman Draft Andrelton Simmons superfractor- mdogg (PC)
2011 Bowman Draft Tyler Alamo-Johnandrew
2011 Bowman Draft Michael Mckenry Superfractor-NotoriousRED (PC)

2011 Bowman Draft Superfractor - Chance Ruffin GoJays (PC)
2011 Bowman Draft Lance Pendleton - thebrett
2011 Bowman Draft Keenyn Walker- soxrule111 (PC)
2011 Bowman Draft Arodys Viczaino- sushiyoshi
2011 Bowman Draft Pete Kozma - NEG2002
2011 bowman Draft Tommy hottovy-weegee
2012 Bowman Draft Jorge Fernandez- Doinsumwork
2012 Bowman Draft Chris Archer-carrbeaz (PC)
2012 Bowman Draft Hisashi Iwakuma-raidersfan1983
2012 Bowman Draft Steven Schils-raidersfan1983
2012 Bowman Draft Eddie Butler-raidersfan1983
2012 Bowman Draft RC Brett Jackson Super- Dougsevier54 (PC)
2012 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospect Jake Pintar Superfractor- Pine_Tar (PC)

Bowman Platinum

2010 Bowman Platinum Kyle Winkler Superfractor- Sold-ask biged for me details
2012 Bowman Platinum AJ Cole -mikecancelliere
2012 Bowman Platinum Gary Sanchez- bronxbomber33 (PC)
2012 bowman platinum Greg bird- dgamboa (PC)
2012 Bowman Platinum Robbie Grossman BPP14- dbroockerd
2012 Bowman Platinum Starling Marte superfractor - weavere (PC)
2012 Bowman Purely Platinum Jered Weaver -66_Fiat (PC)
2012 Bowman Platinum BPP87 John Hellweg- XL5 (PC)
2012 Bowman Platinum Gerrit Cole-og_monster (PC)

Bowman Sterling

2012 Bowman Sterling Danny Hultzen-dannyhultzanfan (PC)
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