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Originally Posted by durstlimpbizkit View Post
While I like the auto cards... after looking at them this morning I really did prefer the horizontal ones they did last year. For some reason I just liked the look a lot better... I get they're going for a different style this time around with the color and the layout.

Really wondering what these wardrobes are gonna look like though, when you get into multiple characters on one card I feel like they get cluttered pretty fast. The Avengers cards had that feel to them, while they were able to make it look respectable I'm just eager to see them.
I understand that feeling about dual/multi memorabilia cards being cluttered. One thing I think would look good would be to use one picture/scene that has both characters pictured and put the memorabilia on either side of the card (versus splitting the card in half or in quarters like the Avengers did). I imagine it would look much cleaner (and cooler) that way.
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