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I set my home screen up for one touch icons for important people so I dont have to go through the phone book.

I am sure this one will be used to here you go
Long press on a blank area of the home screen and tap "add to home screen" on the menu that comes up. Then click on "apps." Then tap on "Widgets" at the top of the screen. Scroll through the pages of widgets until you find the contact/direct dial/direct message widgets, long press on them and drag and drop it on your home screen

You can use this to load your facebook feed as well

Vault is a good app for keeping photos locked from others accidently seeing them lol...

Tunee Music Downloader is pretty cool allows you to download songs to your phone for free

Flipboard gets you all your news in one place

Dropbox because its just awesome lol

Bought HD Wigets for like $3.00

Google Play Music is amazing switching from Itunes - It allows me to sync up to 20,000 songs to their cloud for free

NFL Mobile Self explanatory lol
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