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Originally Posted by 1eyed_jack View Post
I'm not sure about the monikers but unfortunately it all depends on the patch I think. The same card he's showing at $65 sold for $38 with 1 color jersey

Kevin Johnson Suns 2009 10 Classics Auto Jersey 4 25 | eBay

and even this USA one /25 sold for $30

2010 Panini Gold Standard Kevin Johnson USA Game Worn 13 25 Autograph Auto | eBay

so if they are good patches you could make some money, but if not you might have just gotten about $70 worth of cards for a Kobe auto.
the first link is the jersey auto /25 but the one im getting is "prime" and has prime on the card so its a patch auto
Always looking for Kevin Johnson Autos, Jerseys, Patches and Parallels

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