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Got some things in this promo that I normally wouldn't buy, but the end result was very satisfying...

Mini Pretzels with REAL Butterfinger candy pieces - not too bad!

#50 - 2008 Upper Deck SPx Football Hobby Box
Redemption Card - 2008 SPx Football Super Scripts Adrian Arrington
Redemption Card - 2008 SPx Football Super Scripts Erin Henderson
2008 SPx Winning Materials SPX Jamaal Charles /149
2008 SPx Winning Materials NFL Cadillac Williams /99
2008 SPx Winning Materials AFC/NFC Dual Darren McFadden /75
2008 SPx Winning Materials Jersey Number Marion Barber /75
2008 SPx Rookie Materials Logo X Logo Triple John David Booty /75
2008 SPx Winning Combos Michael Strahan/Dwight Freeney /99

And my favorites from the bunch...

2008 SPx Winning Materials Football Shape Gale Sayers /39 (my first HOF Football GU)
2008 SPx #160 Dustin Keller JSY AU RC /599
2008 SPx Platinum #70 Randy Moss 1/1
2008 SPx Platinum #68 Peyton Manning 1/1

It was nice opening this box knowing that every pack had some sort of hit inside...thanks, Blowout, for the promotion!
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