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Originally Posted by tajikey View Post
The 45-day payment window opens tomorrow, for those still waiting to pay. If your payment isn't received by the end of the day on Friday, your slots will be offered up.

For those that have paid, thank you again. Do you think, for those that don't pay by Friday, a neutral or negative is in order? Or, because we will be able to backfill slots with reserves, that I should let bygones be bygones?
Thanks again man for keeping up with this! I don't participate in many box breaks here, but I know it's annoying when people don't pay up. Given that this product was delayed by so long from the time the original post went up, though, I don't think anything more than a neutral is warranted. I'd probably just let it go unless they just flat out ignored you completely. I don't think we'll have a problem filling this break at all.
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