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Originally Posted by Shanehw View Post
If they have answered you with an explaination, then I say let bygones be bygones. If they have ignored numerous PM's for payment, a neutral or negative should be lefy IMO. CANT WAIT FOR THIS BREAK!
I'm pumped for this, too. I think Topps is going to get this one right, at least for the inaugural season!

Originally Posted by LBSB333 View Post
Thanks again man for keeping up with this! I don't participate in many box breaks here, but I know it's annoying when people don't pay up. Given that this product was delayed by so long from the time the original post went up, though, I don't think anything more than a neutral is warranted. I'd probably just let it go unless they just flat out ignored you completely. I don't think we'll have a problem filling this break at all.
Not a problem. I just want to reaffirm those that have paid that their money is safe and sound, and that this break will happen, regardless of how terrible the communication is with the holdouts.

Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
Personally, I wouldn't leave any feedback, but I wouldn't allow them to join any of my breaks in the future. Just my two cents
The thing I fear about NOT leaving feedback is that other hosts won't get the proper heads up. I've only had issues with one participant in all the breaks I've hosted, and I didn't leave him feedback, assuming he'd retaliate. I saved his PMs just in case he gets a wild hair.

I think it's fair not to leave a negative. I am hesitant to leave neutral, expecting retaliatory feedback (though, I think this is the best option). Those left to pay haven't responded to ANY pms I've sent (and I've sent plenty), or posted in this thread since being contacted.

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