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Ok, here we go, 1 3-box case of 2009 Exquisite Collection Football. Going to mirror this in the Football breaks.

Like I said in the video, it was really tempting just to flip the case but I wouldn't feel that's in the spirit of the promotion. So I ripped that sucker. Thanks again, Blowout!



Rookie Big Patch Match-Up (double sided)

(glue on the Maclin side should come off, it was from the authentication sticker insert thing)

Rookie Signatures:

Exquisite Patch:

Exquisite Patch Gold:

Rare Materials Laundry Tag:

Rookie Bookmarks Platinum:

Turner signed, just doesn't show up in scan.

Rookie Bookmarks:

Ensemble 2 Signatures:

Sucks about the redemption, that card was made apparently, as seen at COMC:

Ensemble 4 Signatures:

Rookie Signature Patch:

Was really hoping for some Calvin or Stafford. That is, until the game last night, now I'm thoroughly disgusted with them. Anyway, didn't get my guys but it was still a really fun break. What a great promotion.

Got a few tricks in there:
The veteran "patches" that were not really patches at all. The laundry tag of Jason Smith (sorry Jason, offensive tackles get no love). The redemption.

But it was mostly treats. My favorites are the Davis/Crabtree book, the 4-way sig with Nicks, and the Marino "patch."

Oh, and this :

And this :
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