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Exclamation The story behind the lost Durant Chronology

This story has been brought up on numerous occasions before, but for those of you who do not know, here is the background.

Early September, I sold a True Rookie Kevin Durant Chronology Auto to my_onni for $400. I had purchased the card on eBay and later found the seller was a member on the forums and we did a transaction direct through PayPal. Here is a link to that auction:

2007 08 Kevin Durant Chronology True RC Auto 87 99 RARE | eBay

Pay close attention to the slight damage on the lower edge and small spot under the UD logo, this damage is why is sold for so little.

I sold the card to my_onni, a Canadian member and I had never shipped internationally before especially an expensive card. After a couple weeks of confusion, I shipped September 25th with USPS first class international. Something I am regretting, and will not do again. my_onni on september 20th posted a thread about his fall at work and how he is paralyzed from his waist down. I wish him the best, but I am starting to doubt this ever happend (how could he make a thread about it hours after it happened, he should be in the hospital?) Here is the link to that thread:

BO Basketball Community..I would like to thank you and please pray for me...

Well on October 1st, he filed a case against me claiming that he was protecting himself, since shipping took so long, and he won the case by the 7th. I was out $400. He has since disappeared, no response on the forums, emails, and even paypal tried contacting him.

Well I thought it was a lost cause until I listed my Michael Jordan Exquisite Autograph for sale. At first, a member here tipped me off that a user goes by myonni12 on another site, not sure if this is relevant, but most importantly LEBRON623 told me to look through his bucket. He joined the forums in September and claimed to be a new collector, but a quick search through his posts makes it clear that he is an experienced collector unless he is a fast learner. Well I searched through his bucket and came upon this...

Now compare it to the scan I had of mine, damage on lower edge is the same, the K is both slightly smudged, and the dot under the UD logo is the same(I was trying to remove it when I had it so it became white in his picture.)

Ok, so I go ahead and PM him, and he goes on to tell me its numbered 17/99 not the same as my 87/99, but he picked it up from a local shop. I looked at his feedback and through some messages found out this member is located in Canada. I then started comparing threads and posts and was trying to see if I could find similarities between the two users. Well surely enough I did.

My_onni had posted about buying Jeremy Lamb cards on 9-13-12 and numerous other times. Lebron623 happens to have a collection of Jeremy Lamb cards if you look through his bucket now.

Still not convinced?

Well my_onni had posted several times he was buying the kobe Le Cinque Piu Belle autos, and Lebron623 has posted finders fees of up to $50 for the same cards.

Through some sources who do not want to be named. They both have the same address too.

Something seems fishy here. What does everyone think about this? Can I do anything about it?

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