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Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post
So you finally received the card, so even though he's going through troubles in the hospital, he was able to make his brother send you the money, is this correct?

Doesn't sound like a scammer to me. A scammer would disappear forever!!! I would have waited till he got back on the forum so he could pay you back himself, but anyway, you're paid so that's that.

Main thing, is he ok or not? What did his brother say on his condition? Glad everybody could rest easy now.......... i'm sure he would have taken care of you when/if he got back, but good that it's over though. If you send a card 3 weeks after a person pays and then they do a charge back, is it really their fault? Then the card finally arrives... but he's not able to get back to you because he is in the hospital, or home in bad shape?

Anyway, hope everything works out or all. Ask his brother to post how he's doing! I'm sure many would like to know, including me.
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