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After numerous messages back and forth with Lebron623. He tells me he can provide medical bills and everything if I do not believe him. He said he will leave the BCF community, so that I just don't tarnish his brothers name.

At the same time numerous questions arose.

Why did he tell me it was numbered 17/99 when it was 87/99? Why did he tell me it was not damaged when it clearly was? Why did he tell me a different address then the one I had found?

How was my_onni able to make a thread within hours of his injury?

Lebron623 tells me that the injury has gotten worse, and that he was confused about this whol situation.

I will leave this thread here, because when/if my_onni returns I do not think it will be for months if not a year or two, and if he does come back I will be his supporter and make sure everything is straightened out, but until then I am happy this is over with.
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