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Hi I just want to come clean.....

I panicked because I didn't realize that rookiefan15 is the one my brother has been transacting with the Durant.

My brother is still in the hospital and the fall was all true and such...We are all paying hospital bills now.

It is now upto 22k and getting more as each day he is in the hospital.

My brother was telling me the last days when he was ok that he believes he is being scammed by a member for he bought a Durant and was told it was shipped but 3 weeks later it still wasn't shipped.

So I filed way back october 1 to protect the money. The card came later when the transaction was already reversed. We are so desperate in paying bills right now...

I made a mistake and it is all my fault. I destroyed my brother's name in these forums...

I'll stay out of Blowout and I dont think my brother will ever come online for his situation really got worse. I do apologize to everyone and I do apologize for destroying my brother's rep here too...

I returned the payment and added money for the trouble..I do apologize.

But please still pray for got to the point that it really is worse now..I am the one who should perish and suffer and take the blame for all this.

I'm sorry
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