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Originally Posted by RookieFan15 View Post
After numerous messages back and forth with Lebron623. He tells me he can provide medical bills and everything if I do not believe him. He said he will leave the BCF community, so that I just don't tarnish his brothers name.

At the same time numerous questions arose.

Why did he tell me it was numbered 17/99 when it was 87/99? Why did he tell me it was not damaged when it clearly was? Why did he tell me a different address then the one I had found?

How was my_onni able to make a thread within hours of his injury?

Lebron623 tells me that the injury has gotten worse, and that he was confused about this whol situation.

I will leave this thread here, because when/if my_onni returns I do not think it will be for months if not a year or two, and if he does come back I will be his supporter and make sure everything is straightened out, but until then I am happy this is over with.
I believe there is some shady business going on.

just doesn't add up. Definitely leave the thread, the guy (or brothers if he has a brother) seem like scammers, injury or not. Like you said, he lied too many times to be decent and pretty much HAD to refund your money, because internet people do crazy things to mess with people
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