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Geoff, you are correct on this. Its just another example of a card company not caring at all about the consumer and just trying to make a buck. WWE used to be a good value when we could pick up a box for $40 and be guarenteed a shirt/mat card and an auto. From now on I'm not even going to buy a box or case after this 2012 fiasco. They had some good autos but not worth $400 a case and getting 4 or less of them. I will buy a single auto or two of who I collect and thats it. My 2005 Heritage auto set I just finished will be my last for any wwe product from Topps!

On a different note, I am still waiting (and have been for well over a year) for my 2011 American Pie redemptions which they obviously dont care about either. I think these three really worthless companies should all merge and call themselves UpperToppNini...I hate all three equally!
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