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Originally Posted by George19 View Post
Very nice stuff, Wheeler! Always impressive!

Quick question regarding the Lance Armstrong one. What are your thoughts on it; especially everything that is going on with him. Increase over time or decrease, since they stripped the wins from him?


I read an article that stated 20 of the 21 people being awarded during Armstrong's 7 year reign are tied to the same things he is being accused of. If this is true, how many of those/all competitors were doping, using PEDs, or steroids, etc.? I would imagine it would be safe to assume quite a few. Having said that, I guess Armstrong, (guilty or not), is still the best in my opinion.

To answer your question, I can't imagine being stripped of his titles doing anything but hurting his "collector value", however, he's still a hero of several sorts in my eyes, and will always be admired and collected. After all, nobody else will be awarded those titles during that 7-year run. Only Armstrong can say he was the one on top during that time, and I think that will be important.

Barry Bonds is the homerun king. Lance Armstrong was the best during that 7-year run, and he passed many tests proving it. Again, all in my opinion.
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