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Originally Posted by BengalsJayhawks View Post
Nope you shouldnt. They basically had an interest free loan. It would be a small claims court matter, but you should be entitled to interest on money that was paid and refunded. Its a shady practice and it needs to be stopped.
This will not see the light of day in can't claim interest because no interest was set forth when he gave them the $$$. Only thing they can do is either fill the order or give his money back. You can't come back, when they cancel, to say well they held my order so I'm due the interest...buyer nor seller agreed on interest if order was to be cancelled.

I think if a business has a "new" tactic and wants to make themselves known then they can start a trend of "pre-buy guarantee interest paid" if you do not receive your ordered cases...but I see a lot of people losing $$$ if this were to occur!
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