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You have to look at if the big prospects/rookies are still playing w/ their teams during the Pennant races or how they finish up the year in the minors and what their chances are of being called up earliest next year. If Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees don't do well his prices will tail off. As well as any of the other autos that will be hot out the gate. Realistically there are only a small handful of prospects/rookies that will make a debut at the end of the year, maybe. If they do box prices might nudge up. For the most part though I think prices will cool and dip slightly ESPECIALLY as football heats up and takes center stage.
As far as case prices? I looked at 06 Bowman Chrome and it's a "call for prices" type of thing. With Justin Upton heating up I'd think their prices might have gone up a bit. Call and see where they are at. I don't think that $900 is a good price to buy at short term. Let Chrome take it's dip and then pick it up in 2 months. There are a lot of big products coming out the gate the rest of the year and that is going to steal a lot of Bowman Chrome's thunder. If Goudey, SP Authentic or any of the new UD products are even somewhat good... Chrome will be had at discounted prices. My 2 cents...
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