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Default 1 Delux Box Of Yumi Sugimoto 2

Greetings everyone, Kenny here to show you all my first non-baseball related box break. This time I'll be opening a deluxe box of Yumi Sugimoto OTC 2.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Japanese trading cards, the product I'm sharing is a set of idol cards that feature a model (usually/preferably female) posing in every card. In this case it's Japanese cutie Yumi Sugimoto (the girl in my avatar)'s second card set (there've been 5 different sets of here released as of 2012).
And the box I busted was a deluxe box. Which is a huge box that comes with three standard boxes and a binder (sometimes they even come with autographed pictures & picture frames) that usually costs around 20000 yen (aprox. $200) but thanks to the generosity of the store owner I was able to pick this up for 6000 yen (aprox. $60).

The deluxe box

The binder

The three standard boxes

The box toppers

The hits

All 36 short prints. (12 SPs per standard box)

In the end I ended up with two completed base sets and one 97% complete base set (the standard boxes are designed to have 99% of the base set in them), one full short print set and three hits. Not too bad for 60 bucks.

Okay, that concludes this non-sports box break. Stay tuned to a Star Wars The Clone Wars Widevision box break I'll put up in a few weeks.
Thanks for dropping by.
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