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Originally Posted by teebs View Post
Interested in the kids apps.
Oceanhouse Media makes a bunch of great book apps. They have stories from Dr. Seuss, Mercy Mayer, Berenstain Bears and other classics. My kid loves these apps because the stories are narrated, and the images in the background are interactive. Loud Crow Interactive also makes apps for books from the Sandra Boyton series and Charlie Brown.

For games, my daughter loves games made by Intellijoy. They have free versions for most of their apps, so you can try them out and see which ones your kid likes. She really likes the Connect the Dots and ABC games. Another good company is Tiptap. They have a coloring book app called "Color & Draw" that she loves. I also have a couple of flashcard apps from them that my son likes to use.

Every so often Google will have some good sales for these apps. But I've noticed that on or near a major holiday, Amazon's Free App of the Day is a kid's book.
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