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bust it, if you sold it on ebay for 1,000 after paypal fees, ebay fees and shipping with insurance you might net 150ish or so. If you bought 20 cases at 720 now you would be in business

20 x 720= 14,400 initial investment
20 x 1,000 = 20,000 after release value

150 profit per case maybe more = 3,000 in your pocket

You could then bust roughly 3 cases for free and sell the rest to break even....buddy of mine was locked in for 30 cases he said, only problem i imagine with those pre-sell orders is getting all of them to the make the example above work out right. Also the risk is also there that they do not go up at all and you have put up a good amount of money with not much return if any. Hope that made some sense haha
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