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Default WICKED PC Break Club - November

**Important Break Announcement**
I have just been notified I have to leave town for training for work on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night next week. I will be back in town Thursday afternoon, at which point I will pick up the cases and begin the break.

I apologize for this one day delay, but I'm sure you can understand that it's unavoidable.


November Products
1 case of 2012 BDPP
3 boxes of 2012 Topps Chrome

Total - $720 (BDPP) + $207 ($69*3 TC) = $927
$927/15 = $61.80 + PP fees, shipping & Supplies (Shipping will be USPS Priority flat-rate small box)
Total is $71 per person.

Club Rules

1) Every month we will vote on what product(s) to break.
2) This is a PC break club, not a 'hit' break club, so we need products with base cards.
3) The club will consist of 15 members, each claiming one team.
4) We all need to get along, and this should be fun, so I reserve the right to exclude people for general D.B.ery.
5) The monthly dues will be used for products, shipping, and supplies, if there is anything left, it will be carried into the next month.
6) The team you sign up for is yours for the 3 month test-period (I envision this club running all of 2013, but I wanted to start it now to work out the kinks)
7) The 15 remaining teams will be randomed by a mod each month.
8) Payment is due on the 10th of each month.
9) All cards will be sent each month, unless you specifically request me to hold them until the following month (this is all-or-nothing, meaning I won't hold the base but ship the hits - if I hold, I hold everything, if I ship, well you get the idea).

Break Rules

1. If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for upgraded shipping - priority mail, signature confirmation, and insurance.

2. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received.

3. If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

4. I will start the break the same day the case arrives, with the case being broken LIVE on UStream (Username same as my BO name, nhsportsguy.)

5. I will have recap videos up that same night for anyone who cannot make it, and scans up the next day.

6. I will mail your cards out ASAP.

1) NHsportsguy - Red Sox & white Sox - Confirmed - PAID
2) DaBaddestHic - Braves & Indians - Confirmed - PAID
3) Swingman - Nationals & Diamondbacks- Confirmed - PAID
4) achantl - Mariners & Phillies - Confirmed - PAID
5) JohnAndrew - Yankees & Dodgers - Confirmed - PAID
6) Hellwig - Brewers & Padres - Confirmed - PAID
7) Tugarpj - Tigers & Mets - Confirmed - PAID
8) pikeman80 - Giants & Marlins - Confirmed - PAID
9) CubsFaninTx - Cubs & Blue Jays - Confirmed - PAID
10) fduran27 - Rangers & Cardinals - Confirmed - PAID
11) jimssouveneirs - Angels & Orioles - Confirmed - PAID
12) MF39 - A's & Rays - Confirmed - PAID
13) WNxSheriff - Reds & Astros - Confirmed - PAID
14) thebrett - Royals & Rockies - Confirmed - PAID
15) wjubck - Pirates & Twins - Confirmed - PAID

Please confirm your team for November and vote in the product poll!
PM me for a special discount and free shipping code for BO members!

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