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Default Very Cheap Basketball Monthly Club - November

Very Cheap Basketball Monthly Club - October

Please send paypal payments to:
Please only put username, DO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ELSE. Thanks!

Payment deadline is Monday November 5th

For this club, we are looking at like 1-6 boxes ($250-$300 range total) to break each month.

Each month, I will randomize each members name on and whomever is at the top of the list will get to choose which boxes ($250-$300 total range) that they want the group to bust for the month.

I am looking for a 6 month commitment from each member. If we are all filled up with members, I will start up a "backup list" for those wanting to join. If a member wants to leave before the 6 month commitment ends, they can have someone from the backup list take their spot. However, if a member leaves before the 6 month commitment is up, I will enforce a 6 month period before they can try to rejoin the club.

Teams will get randomized by a Mod each month.

All breaks will be done live on blogtv.

**If you happen to not get anything good or anything at all in a given month for the team you got assigned to you, I will allow the option to have free shipping charges for the next month's break by combining the cards from the 2 months together and send them out all at once.**

*This month, Kingbudd got to select the boxes and chose the following:

2005-06 UD SP Signature Edition -$59.95
2010-11 Panini Totally Certified - $139
2011-12 Panini Limited basketball - $71.95
2008-09 UD Skybox basketball blaster box - $24.95

Total: $ 295.85

$295.85/30 = $9.86
Shipping = $3.50
Paypal Fees = $0.69

$14.05 a spot for those who received cards last month in the mail or who are new members to the club
$10.55 for those who held cards or received none the previous month.


1.mofojoe vault
3.trintdaddy vault
4.Straw44 vault
5.Straw44 (2) vault
7.csrockerzero vault
8.slim2430 vault
9.padsfan10 vault
10.MrAnonymous vault
11.cwbennett vault
12.padsfan10 (2) vault
13.kukawbubuh19 vault
14.Big Ben Fan vault
15.doobypenguin vault
16.HaFish vault
18.Sportscard Fan vault
19.tuxedokitty vault
20.Harris2033 vault
21.Harris2033 (2) vault
22.txmike vault
23.doobypenguin (2) vault PAID
24.wmposs vault
25.Gohansmy vault
26.Gohansmy (2) vault
27.wmposs (2) vault
28.Devolution vault PAID
29.HaFish (2) vault
30.bdoody42 vault

Backup List:


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