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Username - hohlernr
pc team - Cleveland
itrader rating & percentage - 18 100%
BO member since - 04-24-2012
Have you ever sold a card out of your pc? (yes or no) -No (Most likely will in the future for various reaseons)
Have you ever given a card away? (yes or no) - I give away free base cards sometime in my ebay auctions. I don't typically add anything above base cards because since I'm still getting back into the hobby I value some of the "worthless" inserts a little more than I should
Have you ever joined a group break? (yes or no) - Yes

How long have you collected for? - Started collecting in 1993 when I was 5 and continued till I was about 14 in 2002. Recently started back up!

Is there anything else you'd like to add to assist us in making our decision? - Thanks for doing this! I always appreciate when people can step back and realize the joy of giving back! Whether that's volunteering at schools,food banks, church or even to members here, often times that joy of giving back greatly outweighs the joy of receiving. So even if you don't select me, I appreciate you doing this for the great community and hopefully everyone involved has a good time!

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