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Originally Posted by KevJo View Post
Gabbert is improving and has the youth and size to develop. He has improved a lot from last year. I think Ponder needs to throw downfield a bit more. Having guys like Percy Harvin and Jerome Simpson, there should be more downfield passes. Also Kyle Rudolph is so under used. They guy should be Ponders best friend out there yet he isnt getting more than 2-3 looks a game.

The thing about Ponder is that if the play is design to go to a certain player, he'll throw it there even if there's 3 defenders there. Dude just doesn't have the vision or skills to see the whole field and change accordingly to what the defense is giving you.

Now granted, that might take a few years to develop but you can just tell if a guy has it or not and Christian is one that doesn't have it and most likely never will.
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