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Originally Posted by MSD View Post
Harvin is not a downfield threat. Just because he's fast doesn't make him a deep threat. Remember all those deep throws Favre put up for Harvin? Oh wait. Jerome Simpson is just a mess, don't you think the Bengals would have gladly gave him the $2M needed to keep him to help Dalton if he was worth anything. And Rudolph has great receiving ability, but he's just so slow. Notice how during every catch he's made, there's a guy draped all over him.

The run game doesn't help Ponder at all. The Vikings see a nice 10 yard run, and decide to run PA instead running on the very next play. If you look closely the PA never works. The RB doesn't even attempt to take the fake handoff because they need to get up to the line to help block because odds are someone is coming through untouched..

He hasn't done that since like Week 2..he's grown out of it. And Josh Freeman never threw in double coverage in this game..

What did Ponder even do wrong in this game though? If you were calling for his head after last week, I'd understand, but he played pretty well.
Really? We both must be watching a different game then. What about the one play where he rolled out to his right and threw to Simpson in coverage when he could have thrown an underneath pass to Harvin?

And he played pretty well yesterday? Dude couldn't even tossed a pitch let alone thrown a pass!
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