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Originally Posted by allday_vikes View Post
Really? We both must be watching a different game then. What about the one play where he rolled out to his right and threw to Simpson in coverage when he could have thrown an underneath pass to Harvin?

And he played pretty well yesterday? Dude couldn't even tossed a pitch let alone thrown a pass!
Clearly we are. Which play are you talking about? The one before the end of the half? He tries to force the issue at the end of halves, how does that say anything about his vision and ability to see the field?

He missed 2 swing passes to Harvin and threw a god awful pass at the end of the half. Did you completely forget about the rest of the game? He made a couple of key 3rd down passes on that drive near the end of the half to keep the game in reach, had that TD pass to Harvin, the perfectly thrown ball down the sideline to Simpson. The guy had 2 players fumble in the middle of important drives, his center killed a drive all on his own, and a defense that allowed 30 pts in 3 quarters. Given they were on the field for a while, but they simply did not stop the Bucs when they needed to. We might as well blame the 5-6 unblocked rushers on Ponder to, clearly that's his fault..
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