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Originally Posted by DaveTaplin View Post
I have take Ritalin and it doesn't help much in the end. What you end up with is the great period of productivity and sales followed by an equal period of feeling burned out.
I already feel the burned out part, but it's definitely not from listing...just the sheer amount of various stacks of cards in my office drains me...I really need to figure a "system" and stick to it. Someone said I should think about hiring someone to do the posting, but how would I go about finding that?? Does anyone here have "employees", but doesn't really own a shop?

I know if I could get a consistent amount of cards listed daily that it would be worth paying for. I could see me making a full-time income off this "hobby" with consistency...I know I can do it, but it's kicking my butt trying. I need to quit making excuses and get it done...
Check out my Ebay store daily for new additions...PM me with some of your wants/needs....

So, good to hear I rate military disability....too bad it's 0%....
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